If traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and herbal therapy could be simplified, a lot more people can reap the benefits of this nature-based holistic treatment. This little observation is the basis of Herbalist Asia’s pursuit to “make herbal treatment simple” for everyone. Working with superherbs with well-known efficacies, Herbalist Asia has created a range of broad-based herbal patent medicines that are safe and easy to use to help alleviate many of modern society’s chronic ailments such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, toxicity, fatigue and etc. Used mindfully, over time, you can heal yourself, family and friends, maintain good health or prevent ill health with a range of natural, herb-based formulas. Herbal therapy is time-tested. It works alongside mainstream medicine to complement or supplement it.

While Herbalist Asia patent medicines are based on TCM principles, it is not limited by it. We take a holistic approach in our healing philosophy and look to other herbal healing systems for answers as well – the ancient Indian Ayurveda, Malay Jamu, and western herbalism. All of this knowledge synthesized within a framework of medical science. This is bringing all the healing knowledge of the world together: ancient wisdom and modern science. Call us the universal alchemist bringing you herbal supplements informed by science.

Ultimately, Herbalist Asia’s wish is to offer an effective but gentle, herb- and Nature-based solution to everyone at an affordable price to make self-treatment available to all. It is our believe that good medicine need not be expensive and the best medicine is the body’s own healing ability – herbs just support and enhance the body’s self-healing mechanism, activated through a strong flow of Qi energy or life force.

How effective is this approach? We invite you to be the judge with our money-back guarantee. Remember this: Herbs need time to work.