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RAIN returns water back to its original state in the clouds. The (patented) micro-crystals embedded on the strip absorbs ambient heat (in the form of Far Infrared waves) and begin to vibrate. Electrons (in the crystal’s atoms) that absorb this energy will temporarily jump into a higher level (or orbital). When they return to the lower level, this energy is released again. This vibration happens at the natural frequency of water. This energy in turn ‘excites’ the water molecules, breaking up the clusters and returns water to its original ‘elemental’ state. The crystals then will continue the process of causing individual water molecules to vibrate. When RAIN is sprayed on our skin, this energy is transferred to our bodies/cells. Some people may feel a mild ‘tingling’ feeling at first. The energy also helps to increase the blood flow in the area, resulting in a warm sensation, especially if one has experienced an injury. This process draws on the characteristics of Far Infrared (FIR) waves, and has been enhanced by the use of these micro-crystals, which work together with the natural cleansing and healing properties of pure water. These ‘pristine’ individual water molecules cling to pollutants and bacteria, helping to cleanse and deactivate the microbes. As the blood flow increases, it relaxes, tone and provides a comfortable feeling.

Pure water tends to be polarized (positively and negatively charged on opposite sides), and thus forms clusters. In water that has clustered up, the molecules negate each other’s charges. With RAIN the individual molecules have a stronger effect, which gives RAIN many other useful applications. Use and explore its wide applications, ranging from improve air quality to better plant growth. Join in the RAIN Lovers community when you purchase a bottle and share your experiences.

RAIN is refillable for multiple usage for 1 year, bringing tremendous value that your family and pets can enjoy.


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