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Pack of 4 Reusable Cards
FiR Card

Useful to improve sleep and mobility.

Card emits Far Infrared to promote cellular functions, by providing activation energy. We are billions of chemical reactions going on in our cells and all these need energy. Chinese TCM call it Qi. Our body produces these Far Infrared (Qi) on our own.

As we age, these Qi diminishes and our cellular reactions slows down. Cumulatively they start to give rise to many issues, like inflammation and pain.

Practices like accupunture, massage, etc serves to smoothen Qi flow, optimising it, but will not replenish the diminished Qi production.


There are many methods to increase Qi, from qigong exercises to  nutritional supplements.

FIR will directly increase your body Qi in a simple way.

Augment your own Qi with FIR card


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