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Two things can be said of PT Tan: he has a genuine desire to help others and an unusually curious and inventive mind. And it would seem, a mind wired for problem solving, sometimes via highly unconventional pathways, finding solutions in unlikely pairings and synthesis of traditional and current scientific data.

He is a man of many hats: an intuitive scientist/engineer/traditional doctor and inventor. Apart from formulating herbal medicines, cosmetics and personal care products based on safe practices and current scientific knowledge, he has invented devices for saving fuel for vehicles, lowering electricity consumption, and extending battery life, to name just a few. Engage him in conversation and discover some pretty unexpected, startling and original theories of the science of life and wellness that he has figured out.

As a kid, he watched his parents offer care and help to friends, family and even strangers. He remembers his father saving a child’s life with his knowledge of traditional Chinese herbal medicine using just 20 sen worth of herbs at the time. The knowledge that a cure can be found in just a small quantity of inexpensive herbs was seeded in PT’s young mind.

“The joy of saving a life never left me,”

The miracle of herbs never left him either and today the mechanical engineer has turned herbalist and is certified by the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturist Association of Malaysia (FCPAAM) and Ministry of Health Malaysia.

His realisation that “herbal medicine treats the whole person” and not just the disease reinforces his belief in the superiority of herbalism over conventional medicine. Herbalists claim a single herb may simultaneously address several factors and combination of herbs work in synergy to bring powerful effects.

Early in his journey in herbal science, PT realised that many medicines failed to work because the body was not able to absorb the potion ingested. In normal circumstances, the body absorbs only about 5% of what we eat. That’s when his curiosity led him to research and development, and finding a solution.

“The day I found a way to increase the bioavailability of herbs was the day Herbalist was born,” says PT. “We could now make very effective herbal medicines.”

It took him 15 years to arrive at this point. Now the breakthrough formula can be applied to most herbal formulas, allowing him to go on creating effective herbal supplements. It was a turning point in his search for effective cures for chronic diseases.


1986 Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering

1994 General Manager of Ranoda Electronics

1996 Convinced that a cure for diabetes (and other chronic ailments) was possible, he started his own R&D work

2001 Founded Reisetech Pte Ltd, designing current and signal control devices (inductors) for Apple Computers and a myriad of other electronic giants; invented a car battery life extender

2008 Birth of Triplex. Breakthrough in search for an effective multi-purpose herbal supplement to enhance good, general health and treat common chronic diseases like diabetes and cholesterol; quit his electronic business to focus on herbalism and TCM

2011 Launch of Triplex in capsule form, approved by the Malaysian Health Ministry; launch of FIR (Far InfraRed) Flexi Card for pain relief and circulation improvement

2013 Triplex reached 10,000 sales mark; launch of Reposin, a capsule of curcumin and cinnamon ­– two herbs that work in synergy as a natural and powerful anti inflammatory pain killer and antibacterial defense

2015 Triplex reached 20,000 sales mark; launch of Niruri powder sachets for liver detox and slimming

2016 Rebranding exercise. Company renamed Herbalist Asia and launch of online sales platform HerbalistAsia.com. Triplex renamed Q3; Reposin, C2; Niruri, N2; Ambrosia, Ca Water, and etc. Invention of an effective body firming lotion and facial clarifying (whitening) lotion based on pearl powder, and instant pain soothing lotion, 1Minute