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Fever, like pain, is not a sickness but a manifestation of our immune system. It is part of the response from our body. Our hypothalamus (part of the brain), sets our body temperature. When triggered by the immune system, it sets the temperature upwards.
The most common cause of this reset is viral and bacterial infections, like cold and flu. Other reasons are infections of the ear, lungs, throat, bladder or kidneys. Some lesser common causes could be heat exhaustion, food poisoning, serious sunburn, inflammation or tumours.
As can be seen, most of the causes of fever is infection from external pathogens, thus raising the temperature of the body is one way our immune system tries to deactivate the pathogens.
Fever manifest itself with symptoms that includes sweating, chills or shivering, headaches and muscle ache. Less obvious symptoms are increased irritability, loss of appetite, weakness and dehydration. Most fevers will go away on its own in 4 to 5 days as our body immune system kicks in to counter the pathogens.
If fever persists, do not hesitate to consult a physician.
Medications like paracetamol are available to reduce fever by blocking the trigger signals to the hypothalamus. While these medications bring relief and comfort to the body and mind, they do not address the underlying cause of fever.
Herbs has been used traditionally to relieve fever holistically especially when combined with other herbs that address the underlying causes to bring convalescence. Example is the traditional use of turmeric and cinnamon to deactivate pathogens and fenugreek to promote urination to clear toxins produced. Cinnamon is also known to counter debility and promote healing while herbs like Androgaphis Paniculatta has been used traditionally to treat intermittent fevers. Added with other herbs like digestion stimulating ginger and inflammatory suppressant black cumin, a holistic approach can be achieve towards fever management.


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