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Skin is our largest organ, protecting us from the environment.  Almost all skin problems are unresolved toxins, either deposited by our body, weak metabolism or external cause like mosquitos, bites, chemicals, etc

These unresolved toxins can cause painful inflammation, blemishes, skin spots or in extreme cases acne, ezcema, psoriasis, etc.

Psora range of creams are made with oils and extracts of herbs. When applied in a regular pattern, these oils and extracts goes into the skin. Together with the physical energy during rubbing, they stimulate blood flow and metabolic processes below the skin, reduce localised inflammation and gives a refreshing feeling that is soothing.

Psora F(i)R is the gold standard of the range, formulated with excellent carrier oils to enhance this penetrative property. Addition of microscopic clay particles in the cream enhance the physical energy as it induces cellular stimulation on the skin.

(The clay particles remains on the exterior of the skin and are washed off during regular cleanse or bathe).

Enhance with proprietary Far Infra Red (FIR) energy, it further helps the skin and underlying muscles by supplementing our “Action Potentials”. Action potentials is the energy needed to provide the initial spark to start cellular activities. As we age our body ability to generate action potentials diminishes and this cream helps to supplement it.

This cream provides both the essential nourishment and action potential to where it is needed.

Psora F(i)R is easily applied and leaves no stain or ‘ greasy’ feeling. Comes in a handy disposable soft tube that allows easy dispensing.

2 reviews for Psora FiR 60ml

  1. TC Loy

    @⁨TC Loy
    Thank you for the Psora sample.
    I tried it the last 2 days with twice daily on both my knee cap. It really helps to relief the pain that was there for many years.
    I realised that you don’t have to rub the cream till it dried. All you have to do is to apply a layer (not too much) at the pain area let the cream dry itself (around 10-15 minutes). If you applied too much of the cream, although it will eventually dry up and form the white residue so it is wasting of the cream.
    I apply around the knee cap where the muscle is also at the back of the knee cap.
    Best effects I found is after the previous night application.
    I notice, after two days of using (twice daily) the pain at the knee cap has reduced tremendously. In the scale of 1 to 10, I would say that it had achieved 5.
    I’ll continue to use it and let you know the outcome after 7 days of usage.
    BTW what is the retail price you are putting on this cream in case I want to push them to other people.
    Well done PT for developing such a good product.
    Keep it up my friend..

  2. Fong

    PT I just wish to share this. Last nite as I was walking upstairs to go to bed – I felt a pain at my left knee. Not sure why.. I applied some Psora on it. Then I read a book before sleeping. An hour later I got up to get a drink b4 sleeping. Surprisingly no more pain 😊

    ( feedback from a happy customer)

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